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2003-08-26 - 11:34 a.m.

'The Measure' refers in part to MFK Fisher’s The Measure of My Powers chapter headings in The Gastronomical Me. More about that once I find the quote she drew the phrase from.

It's a sunny morning at long last. It's been cloudy, hot, and gross for a least a month -- no use going to the beach, or even the pool -- and I'm so so happy to be done with that for even a few days.

My students seem pretty okay. The first class is good with discussion: they all talk, and nobody really dominates, at least not yet. It could be that early-semester fear of silence, in which case they'll get over it and fall silent as soon as they figure out that it doesn't really matter, dude. The second class is a little tougher. They mostly smirked at me all through the fifty minutes, and two people did most of the talking, and the students in the back looked dazed and hungry. I will have to unlock them. (I meant that in a metaphorical way, but it's better in a literal way. Yes, I scored the classroom with the cages lining the back wall.)

I will go for a walk now.

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