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2003-08-25 - 11:42 p.m.

Hi there. I presume you followed me over here from Clever Title.

Oh, I agonized over the name The Measure. I became attached to at least five names before that, all of which ended up being taken. The most painful disappointment was Post Hoc. I had a glorious explanation written and everything, clearly not having learned my lesson any of the last times, and it turns out Post Hoc is an online San Francisco guide. It seems pretty acceptable, except that it hosts this list of characteristics of the perfect man, which made me want to punch walls (the concept of the list, and the list itself).

I came up with many, many more names, most of them quite painful. Perhaps someday in the future we will drag those lists out for some ugly fun.

My weekends have fallen into a drinking-and-packing pattern. L continues to pack unbelievably slowly, even with the closing date of his first house less than a week away. But he found all these pictures of himself in grad school, and just seeing them has made me feel very protective and indulgent with him all week. He looks like such a baby, so innocent, even though hes older in some of the pictures than I am now. Every time I look at him now I see those pictures and I want to

The cat is being SO bitchy. All evening shes been maliciously biting my feet, stalking around with a glare on her face, and falling asleep right next to me but swiping wildly if I try to pet her. Oh, and tearing around the house like an idiot making this low gurgling noise she makes that sounds like zombies. I made bread, fed her the little crumbs she likes, and even this did not loosen her up. Now shes sleeping, but her tail I swishing, and I know if I say something sweet to her shell wake up and lunge toward my face like shes going to crush it between her paws. Shes just playing, I know, but she plays so crankily sometimes. Even the leaping-out-from-behind-corners-as-I-round-them game has had an evil edge tonight. Perhaps she has been at my old birth control pills.

My schedule has finally been settled; it was delayed by class cancellations and various and sundry other problems. I have to teach or staff the writing center every weekday, but its a nice, spread-out schedule nevertheless. A routine will be pleasant. So will the ease of site updates here. So will the all-day rock show this Sunday. So will the swimming pool Saturday. And so will autumn. I love autumn.

Expect prettier site design shortly.

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