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2003-08-26 - 11:01 p.m.

I made red chile sauce tonight. L gave me this food mill he bought at a yard sale, this big messy clunky thing with eight thousand plastic parts. I washed it, dutifully assembled it according to the complicated directions, and then soaked some dried chiles and cranked them through it. It didn't really work -- it spit all the good chile skins out the discard end and produced a few tablespoons of mush. I ended up using the food processor and having to wash that PLUS the eight thousand parts. But the sauce was perfect -- the roux browned just right, and oh...I made enchiladas with blacks beans, corn tortillas, and green onions, and I was very happy. And High Life is on sale these days all over town for 69 cents a 24 oz.

I've asked my students, as usual, to keep journals throughout the semester, but this time I've given them the option of keeping them online. My inbox has been inundated with emails announcing their urls, and it's been so funny to see a freshman's writing instead of bettinas looking back at me from the Diaryland screen.

I'm posting something I wrote about Dutch Babies at Clever Title. Things about moving and about South Carolina racists should follow shortly. I'm teaching writing and working as a writing tutor...and though it might disillusion me in the near future, right now it's making me want to write all day.

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