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2003-08-27 - 1:44 p.m.

Today's Bleat has pictures of the Minnesota State Fair! This is perhaps the greatest picture I have ever seen.

Characteristically delightful commentary accompanies the photos.

The SC State Fair should be coming up soon. Despite what you might think, it's no more and no less redneck than any other state fair...the same people who go to fairs and show their pigs at fairs and get stuck in the turnstiles at fairs and leave greasy, funnel-cakey fingerprints on the bathroom doors at fairs in California do the same in South Carolina. But one does see a lot of missing teeth.

The Young Republicans have a table set up here on campus so they can shake hands with others of the polo shirt and khaki short persuasion between classes. I saw the table from a distance, and standing next to it, I saw...George Bush! For about a whole second, my brain was flailing for an explanation, which was, of course, that it was a cardboard cutout of George Bush. But was a convincing one. Except that maybe after a whole morning in the direct sun his forehead would have been more red than makeupy-beige. I want to steal that cutout with all my soul. I want to take pictures of it gardening with me, maybe looting some dumpsters...maybe at a show? I want it standing by my door as I leave every morning to remind me of the other evils that await.

Later: more on state fairs. I think potential suitors should be required to carve me a motorcycle out of butter.

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