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2003-08-28 - 11:10 a.m.

I dreamed my neighbor across the street was moving. Much of the dream was about a yard sale he was having in a long tunnel-like tent. There were spiders everywhere, crawling into people’s collars and on the items for sale. I hope this wasn’t one of those dreams induced by present literal reality, since there IS a moving truck in the road right now. Ack. Spiders.

The college kid who’s moving into the house L is vacating stopped by last night while we were packing. Here’s what college is: “Dude, do you think you’ll be leaving anything? Like, maybe your couch, dude?” Yes, of course we’ll be leaving the couch. We’ll also leave the modified keg fridge, some stained dark green carpets, several thousand red plastic cups, a tapestry or two attached to the window with duct tape, an inflatable chair, a broken white plastic chair for the front porch, and The Steve Miller Band’s Greatest Hits. Would that be okay?

It's really up this time! "It" is a semi-edited essay on Dutch Babies. Comments are welcome.

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