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Friday, Sept. 05, 2003 - 1:21 p.m.

Never a dull moment:
* One of my STUDENTS asked me out to lunch today.
* I saw real hippies at the grocery store last night. I have not seen real hippies more than twice in two years in Columbia. It felt like I was back in Durango again.
* Those hippies, dreadlocks and stink and all, were behind me in the checkout line and buying the following items: Lucky Charms, two large boxes of Rainbow ChipsAhoy, Kraft Singles, laundry detergent, Wonder Bread, a large bag of frozen french fries...and some Boca burgers. Where am I?
* My friends Steve came to town from Athens yesterday, and I did not go have a beer with him because I felt like staying home. It was like pleasant agoraphobia...the whole time I was away from the apartment, I just wanted to be home, and when I got there, it felt really good and I was unable to leave. I will see Steve tonight, and all will be well.
* Russell made this astute comment upon viewing the Democratic debate in Albuquerque last night (yup, he was actually there): "GOD does Lieberman ever SUCK."
* Actually, Russell had much insightful commentary about the debate. Perhaps he will get his shit together and write it all down here. Let's all urge him to do so.

Some were perplexed by my description of Bill the Bug Man yesterday, and upon rereading my entry, I understand the confusion. My description was not very vivid, and it was unclear whether Bill is delusional, mentally affected, etc. (and whether I was a horrible person or not).
I assure you that Bill is none of these things. Bill is your five-foot tall, fast-talking redneck uncle. Bill is pulling your leg at all times, and would probably phrase it exactly that way, too. Bill probably knows some card tricks. Every time I see Bill, we talk about the same things: the rattlesnake farm, the rabbits, and whether I will or will not hit him a high note.

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