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Tuesday, Sept. 09, 2003 - 1:02 p.m.

I won! I will affix the Roy nameplate to my fridge, right between the paper towel notes from Bill the Bug Man and the picture of my athletic girl cousin with whom I have absolutely nothing in common.

Speaking of athletics, I just totally pissed off the guy whose job it is to harass teachers into giving out information about the athletes in our classes. Technically, we're not supposed to discuss a student's progress with anybody but the student -- not their parents, their coaches, or anyone else. I think this is wonderful; it's college, for christ's sake. I know this particular guy is trying to make sure the football and baseball players are going to class and don't need extra tutoring, but I don't really want to open the door for dialogue and possibly manipulation between me and the athletic department. There's a pattern: once they figure out you don't know the privacy policies, which they conveniently don't mention, they also wonder what other ethical policies you might not know or care about. Anyway, I received a quick, lame email from this guy requesting information about one of my students (it was entitled "Gredes and attedance" -- a lovely way to reach out to the English department; I think he ran it through spell-un-check first) and replied very politely that my athletes can tell him themselves how they're doing in my class. This elicited a sarcastic, unpunctuated response thanking me for my cooperation. Ah, college sports.

Aw, Bettina, you write so purty and right even when you're writing about writing wrong and unpurtily, and that is a true achievement for an online journaler. I think you could write shampoo instructions on your website every day, and my heart would still skip beats when I see you've updated.

I love autumn with every cell I have. I'm going to go for a walk along the river now.

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