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Saturday, Sept. 13, 2003 - 3:29 p.m.

I'm not sick!

I got through class on Friday! (Now I have fifty topic proposals to grade, but I do not care.)

I got paid!

This resulted in an absurd grocery trip. Blue cheese? Yes! Gerbera daisies? Sure! Walnuts? OKAY! Salmon? Premium yogurt? Every flavor of cat food available? Organic tofu? Two large bottles of gin? Radicchio? Yes! I want it all!

The only thing I forgot was ibuprofen. Oh, and self-restraint. Any anti-consumer ethic I have is forgotten when it comes to food. I will always be broke; no matter how much money I make, my food and alcohol tastes will increase accordingly, and they're already unrealistic given my budget.

Oh, food.

Russell not only writes like a girl, but he started a Diaryland site (same reason I moved over here: easy updates). I see he has selected a very masculine color scheme. Unlike Aaron.

I have been learning about hurricanes. Things could get pretty exciting around here later this week. The evacuation plan involves me and L and Ronnie driving to Athens to stay with Steve (who doesn't know this yet). Ronnie has never been further in the car than from West Columbia to Shandon -- about five miles. Probably I should get some sedatives now, just in case; she is not pleasant vehicular company.

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