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Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2003 - 10:35 a.m.

So, after all my heavily symbolic dream analysis of yesterday, I had another makeout dream. Maybe there's no symbolism here at all. Maybe I just want to make out. This one involved my boss at the writing center, and it was HOT. I watched To Have and Have Not last night with L, and the sexiness of that movie is unbelievable (or totally believable, and hence unbelievable): every time Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall looked at each other, I shivered. So I dreamed about making out with my boss (formerly just a friend, now someone in a position of slight authority over me). He is extremely handsome in a way that grossed me out initially, because I assume people that good-looking are assholes. But he's not an asshole; he's charming and silly and disorganized and an excellent writer. In my dream I skipped out on teaching my afternoon class so I could continue making out with him.

The cat woke me up by barfing on the floor by my bed at 5 AM, and all I wanted was to dream more. Then sirens woke me up half an hour later.

I NEVER have sex or makeout dreams. I've had probably five in my whole life, and most of those have been disturbing, not sexy. So I am quite pleased with this new phase. Quite pleased, indeed.

This sounds like some real Sex and the City-Bridget Jones crap. I should end with a quote from Derrida or a funny story about organic gardening. But all I can think about right now is making this is what you get.

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