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Monday, Oct. 13, 2003 - 10:32 a.m.

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be on vacation from this warm, humming box, but it's a lovely morning here at home with a huge cup of coffee and the cat skidding across the wood floor, and I felt like seeing what was up far away. This has nothing to do with the stack of papers I ought to be grading.

I drove by a storage shed this weekend with a sign reading "HELP STAMP OUT FRISKY GROPING".

L and I went to furniture stores on Saturday. One was a combination bait and tackle/furniture store. The front of the store contained candy bars, dusty fishing rods, and an old redneck guy at the counter. The back of the store was a giant warehouse crammed with furniture and antiques. Chairs dangled from the ceiling, and couches were stacked on tables and covered in boxes of glassware. There were narrow paths through the chaos, but no discernible way of getting any of the furniture out should anyone decide to purchase something. The roof was leaking, so buckets and trash cans were set all over the floors and tables. I want to know how this all came to be.

This is a little silly, a little scary, and a little wonderful. It needs a little tweaking (can't I stay home and drink?), but is pretty impressive nonetheless. I am rated 'Homer Simpson'.

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