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Saturday, Oct. 18, 2003 - 11:27 a.m.

By the side of the road on my drive home this morning was someone covered in a sack, convulsing rhythmically. I finally figured out it was someone dressed as a disposable coffee cup, dancing around in front of a new coffee shop at a strip mall. The cup was dancing quite energetically, hopping from foot to foot and leaning its head and upper torso right, then left, then back again. It looked like an exhausting job.

Your drive HOME, Eva? Well, yes. I went to K and C’s house last night for the first time in about six months. There I hung out with my boisterous Miller Light-drinking redneck friends. They were playing a game that involved shouting answers at a TV screen. There was champagne for K’s birthday, and a cake with “O.C. it’s your birthday!” piped on top along with pictures from what is apparently K’s new favorite show. We watched a Troma movie – Citizen Toxie (yes, do read the plot synopsis) – and L and I crawled into the guest bed around 3 AM. It was all very therapeutic.

Things got better in the world of work yesterday. My morning students cheered me up for the first time this semester: I told them I was grumpy, and they proceeded to have a wonderful discussion about Mary Wollstonecraft’s rhetorical strategies. It helped, I think, that only half of them were there.

This weekend will involve grading and cleaning, mostly, but I’m okay with that this time around.

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