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Thursday, Oct. 23, 2003 - 9:56 a.m.

I have a Hangover. Practice last night was good, though long, and I drank and smoked too much. Even 9.5 hours of sleep didnít make it better. And now Iíve woken to a clear, chilly blue morning and it hurts very much.

I had an amazing Tuesday, but it was too good to write about right away. Iíd been joking over email with L about going to swim in his pool, because despite the recent cold, it got up to the low 80s that day. Then, calling my own bluff, I drove to his place and went for a swim, all alone. It was freezing. The water turned my skin pink and I had to swim the whole time to stay warm, but it felt good: so blue, so sharp. My head felt clearer than itís felt in months. I graded papers in the sun, then took a nap, and felt good about everything.

But today weíre back to the panic of Things To Do. I much prefer swimming, drinking, napping and playing guitars. W came up with the most beautiful chorus for a song last night Ė a really ingeniously weird melody, and Iím hopeful about the band again.

The introspection and/or humor will have to wait another day.

DUDE. Someone found The Measure by searching Yahoo for "quitting beer is hard".

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