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Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2003 - 5:05 p.m.

Today someone found The Measure by googling "brown-periods". I hope they found what they were looking for, hyphen and all.

Which brings up an important note: The American Dialect Society considered the verb 'to google' for Word of the Year in 2002, but passed it up in favor of 'weapons of mass destruction' (so maybe they should rename the contest 'Phrase of the Year', eh?) I was actually right outside the door of the meeting at which they announced this (go me). Anyway, they spell the word with a lowercase 'g'. I've seen it with a 'G' a few times lately. Get the word out.

Which brings up another point: Boycott Coors! Actually, that wasn't brought up by anything whatsoever in the preceding discourse, but you should do it anyway. Why? Because it tastes like urine? Because its factory was a menacing and stinky blot on my childhood in Golden? Yes, and yes, but there's more at that link up there. Thanks, Isaac.

One of my classes today dealt well with Swift's "A Modest Proposal": they laughed a lot, and then they seriously considered its rhetorical purposes and setting. The other did not; they were all either shocked or bored. Come ON, I yelled, my voice echoing out in the hall. He's talking about eating BABIES! Isn't that CRAZY? Why won't you smile? Why won't you please wake up? EATING BABIES. EATING BABIES IS FUNNY.

I had a rockin birthday: sushi, mascara, beer, and beer. Though if someone tells you to watch a movie just because it has Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi in it AND is based on a Robert Louis Stevenson story AND is based on actual historical events, DON'T BELIEVE IT. That movie might, in fact, suck.

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