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Tuesday, Nov. 04, 2003 - 1:45 p.m.

Mimi Smartypants is back! The only person whose entries I compulsively read three times has returned; all is well again in the internet world.

I need to know where Bettina gets all those neato surveys to fill out and post; narrative isn't going to cut it today.

I guess I'll have to make up a survey on my own:

1. How's the weather there?

Cloudy, heavy, kind of warm.

2. Um, what are you wearing?

A green wool sweater, a black v-neck shirt, jeans so unwashed I sprayed perfume on them before wearing them out, black glasses...and two braids, one on each side of my head. I've never worn braids before.

3. Sexy. You forgot the Converse, you indie cliche, you.

Oh, yeah.

4. Tell us about the last time you were embarrassed.

I was embarrassed earlier today when I had to take some of my own work into the writing lab where I work. I had only a few disconnected, awkward paragraphs of a personal statement for PhD program applications. I could hardly show it to the assistant I was working with. I was muy ashamed, but I guess it gave me some empathy for my clients.

I was embarrassed yesterday when a friend stopped by. He'd never seen my apartment before, and as soon as I let him in, the cat barfed right in the middle of the floor.

5. What will you admit you're good at?

I'm good at writing, despite my lame session today. I'm good at thinking formally, unless numbers are involved. I'm good at listening, good at being tactful, good at caring for people. I'm good at hiking long distances. I make good coffee. I'm good at cooking, though not at seasoning.

6. What won't you admit you're good at?

To myself? Finishing things. Playing and writing music. Being a good friend.

To others? The ability to queaf on command (No longer a secret...okaaaay).

7. Anything else you'd like to admit, while you're at it?

I ate my boogers well into adulthood. I am not kidding. If you made out with me before about three years ago, you made out with a booger-eater. Geez, I don't think I've ever admitted that to mySELF.

8. This has taken a rather nauseating turn.

Hasn't it, though.

9. Whatcha listening to?

The sound of my officemate typing and giggling, and the hum of the printer. This morning I listened to Bedhead and Morning Edition. This afternoon I will listen to a friend's band's demo, because I get to play bass for them at a show this Saturday and I have to learn the songs. Also, I will listen to the new Shins CD, because I don't do much else these days.

10. How 'bout them Democratic candidates?

It's like being told I get to pick any rotting piece of fruit I want: the wormy apple, the puddle of pear...but you know I'm going to pick one, because the other barrel contains rotting kitten parts. Also, I am starving to death. Also, I'm a Master of Metaphor.

Thank you.

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