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Friday, Nov. 07, 2003 - 3:51 p.m.

I don’t know what to say except to groan loudly, yet with relief. Thank god this week is finished. It wasn’t hard, exactly. It was just a pain in my ass. My second class needs to slapped – they are both uninspired and uninspiring.

And actually, I don’t think slapping is the right idea – I want to shock them, but in a pacifistic nerdy way. There’s already too much meaty athlete bullshit in there: a group of perfectly decent people sit together and turn into Jock Asshole Quadrant, talking while other people talk and oppressing everyone else with their very presence. I look at them and feel sixteen years old again. It’s not just them, either: there’s GodTown off to my left; there’s Always-Save-The-Discussion Girlville right in front of me (thank goodness for those girls); there’s I-Don’t-Think-This-Writer-Is-Being-Very-NICE Girlville to my right; there’s a Napping Area towards the back. And spread throughout are the other clichés, the beauty pageant participant, the girl who never gets it, the guy who never gets it, the Nice Guy, the guy who called me “sweetie” once (yeah, that’s a whole other story – he certainly hasn’t done it again).

Maybe I’m doing too much work, trying too hard to keep them interested…I don’t know. I try to shock them with the actual course material, try to demonstrate my enthusiasm, but it doesn’t seem to work.

But I don’t have to see them for two days. Moreover, I found out yesterday that I have the perfect teaching schedule next semester: lots of writing lab hours and one Tuesday-Thursday writing class. I like people so much better when I get to go for five days every week without seeing them.

I think this was a crappy week for a lot of people. Let’s try to fix that, okay? I recommend you drink heavily, but not so much that you’re sad the next day. Because the next day you’re going for a hike, okay? And you’re doing something artsy but not musical or writingy (unless you’re not a musician or writer), like Bettina advocates here. If you have a pet, you should take a nap with it on Sunday, unless it's a budgerigar or a grouper or something. If you are me, you should try not to feel guilty about anything all weekend if at all possible.

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