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Saturday, Nov. 08, 2003 - 1:37 p.m.

I've never had a dream before in which I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. It was awesome.

In the dream I had a giant, heavy roll of clear strapping tape. I was hanging out on the sidewalk with some other people, right outside a restaurant our mom was working at, and I was entertaining myself by heaving the roll of tape around. I'd throw it, rolling it up and down the road, and every time it hit a bump or a curb it would do these wonderful flips and spins. And in the dream it was the FUNNIEST THING I'D EVER SEEN. I'd throw it like an underhanded discus along the ground, watch it fly up into the air and ricochet off of lampposts and hummocks, and I'd laugh for minutes at a time. Then I'd throw it again. Everyone else was laughing, too. I woke up grinning, and couldn't understand why L didn't think a roll of tape bouncing off of inanimate objects was the most hilarious thing in the universe.

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