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Saturday, Dec. 20, 2003 - 10:25 a.m.

Best search string in my log: "I barfed" -dogs.

Very little happens here, making for poor updates. I hate Scrabble. I only hate it because I'm fuckin' terrible at it in a family of amazing Scrabble players. Things I would probably love about it if I were good make me very upset now...the way the turn lengths vary so wildly, the way it makes everyone so competitive. It makes no sense at all that I'm bad at Scrabble. I vowed last night to stop playing it -- not to announce the fact, just to politely excuse myself, because it always depresses me.

My father's margaritas don't help much, either. They are like martinis. They are lethal. After half of one yesterday I knew I wouldn't be driving my grandma home.

I will be at the computer all afternoon finishing application crud, so I will update again. I just wanted to share the barf all around (except not, of course, with the dogs).

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