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Friday, Dec. 26, 2003 - 5:39 p.m.

This was the label Russell affixed to my present this year.

My parents gave me a pedicure for Christmas. I've never had one. I don't think I've had nail polish on since junior high, either. I am SO PUNK ROCK.
Please note that a pedicure did not involve a toe shave. Neither did it involve a sun lamp.

With Tucson in the background looking rather Tuscan, this picture looks less like me and Russell and more like some Italian couple who've lived underground for eighteen years. Il sole, mi bella. It hurts.

Enough of that. I feel a tiny bit odd about putting personal pictures up on the internet, but recent checks of my stats show readership dropping steadily ever since I blocked Google from the few pages in which I mention same sex marriages.
So, thanks to the rest of you.

A mere block from my grandma's apartment is a store called "Dickman's Meat".

I am drinking a margarita.

And I got a guestbook! We'll see how this goes. I don't know if I'll like it, but here it is. Thank you!

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