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Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2004 - 12:56 p.m.

My sole New Year's Resolution was to ride my bike to work three days a week. The problem is that I love the theory of bike-riding, but in the real world I much prefer walking. My body feels more natural walking. I don't have to lock anything up. I can look around more. So I'm walking instead.

A few summers ago I had no car and had to walk and ride my bike to work/school...and it took a long, long time, 55 minutes each way. And because it was often over 100 degrees, it was not so much fun. But January walking in South Carolina is perfect: reasonably unhumid, cool, and much quicker. I got here in only 30 minutes today. That's manageable. And good for me. So even though I don't get to use a precious wire bike basket or wear un-dorky shoes, walking still wins.

I have officially not touched my guitar or bass in over a month. This will be stunningly apparent to both my tender fingers and my band at practice tonight.

L made me catfish stew and collards last night, two of the only traditional Southern foods that are not fried. They were goooooood. And both contained bacon. My fifteen years of vegetarianism have been gradually slipping away these past few months, and I am not too upset about it. I am sure they will not slip all the way. Non-meat foods are still cheaper. The American meat industry is still disgusting. Vegetarianism is still more sustainable. But I decided on the way here today that if I'm going to occasionally pursue meat like this, I am going to do it in the most appreciative, guilt-free way I can. I will appreciate every shred of chicken flesh sacrificed for my benefit, lovingly linger over every little strip of bacon. Every tuna is sacred. My meat will be MEANINGFUL.

Can't wait to hear New York stories from Bettina.

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