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Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2004 - 8:37 a.m.

Unlike thousands of people around me, I have electricity today. L didn't, though he does now -- he stayed here last night and got to live my life of no television and a twin bed. Honestly, we weren't very reverential about the weather, driving down the road to our favorite bar for pizza and beer. Then we drank wine and read books. I like storms.

It's pretty out there. School opens at noon, which means I have to teach at 2 and work this evening as well. I keep expecting, somehow, that it'll be cancelled altogether, which is why I'm not grading papers right now. But things are supposed to start melting soon, and I'm sure my sloth will catch up with me in a few hours.

I went for two walks yesterday through the freezing rain, branches crashing down all around me. It was like a video game -- I had to navigate the streets of my old leafy neighborhood without passing under any trees or power lines. There were enormous branches in the road, and about five times yesterday my power blinked off as some nearby branch hit and was blasted off a power line.

No exciting or zany stories, I'm afraid. I feel mildly let down now, as though I won a race or threw a party yesterday and now have to clean up.

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