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Friday, Jan. 30, 2004 - 2:52 p.m.

For Brent
Positive Thing #1:

L found this little beauty, so I'll include his introduction from the email he sent me:

Speaking of not making stuff up, The State did a feature piece with a chef from the new Italian restaurant that has just opened. The article talks a little about the restaurant and chef, and then offers a few recipes. I thought that you would particularly enjoy the chef's "Mixed lettuce salad," so straight from the Weekend section, here 'tis:

Mixed lettuce salad
4 servings

1 head Romaine lettuce, cut into strips
1 head iceberg lettuce, cut into strips
1 large carrot, shredded
1 tomato, diced
Dressing of choice

Combine ingredients just before ready to serve.

Positive Thing #2:

I was forced to listen to some AM radio this morning (long story) (okay, really I just cannot listen to Dick Estell's voice before noon, though I am sure he is a sweet man), and on the AM station was an ad for an FM station. Their slogan was "If your lifestyle puts you in a mainstream mood, tune in to [station name]." I believe this is an awfully circuitous way of saying that [station name] guarantees one cumulative hour of Phil Collins per day. Thank god for Phil Collins.

Positive Thing #3:

I am going to a Superbowl Party this weekend. Presumably I will watch football. The invitation we invitees all received says, in effect, "Seriously, do not bring ANYTHING unless you are on a weird diet or can only drink one specific thing. There will be more food and alcohol than you can even imagine." The invitation also specifically mentions the presence of Miller High Life.

Positive Thing #4:

I have all my tax documents now, and when I get home today I will do my taxes. Here is a wonderfully dorky, uncharacteristically mathy and patriotic secret: I love doing my taxes. It's my real New Year's Day, the time I reflect and feel most privileged and most part of something good about America. Really. I love the universal forms, the homogeneity of it all. That I will receive some money in a few months doesn't hurt, but really I like the January part the best. No, I do not make much money as compared to other working people in this country, but I am one single girl with nobody else to support. I am living pretty well, and am happy to contribute. (It does suck that some of my contributions go to such things as war machines and Halliburton...BUT some of my contributions go to teachers and art and health care. This is very un-punk-rock of me, but I'm willing to pay up because of the good stuff and keep on voting.)

For me:
Negative Thing #1:

I typed this fucking entry TWICE. Every word.

Positive Thing #5:

Phil Collins. Actually, no, that is not true at all.

Do I want $3 to go to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund? Yes, I do.

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