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Thursday, Feb. 26, 2004 - 10:06 p.m.

After reading Naomi Wolff's article about Yale, sexual harassment, and Harold Bloom, I googled responses to the article and was shocked to find not one positive reaction (even Metafilter was overrun by assholia). So I'm adding one tiny little voice to the internet here: it's a praiseworthy article. It's a necessary article. Putting your hand on a student's inner thigh is sexual harassment. It still happens, and it still gets dealt with badly...and apparently the very topic still arouses denial and fury.

I trust Wolff's good intentions here.

When my mom was in college, she failed a class after rejecting a professor's proposition. There was no recourse available for her. I, fortunately, never had to test the anti-harassment structures in place by the time I went to college. I do know, though, that the male dominance vibe exists in academia still, especially in the fusty little corners of English departments. And I hope sexual harassment is being dealt with better elsewhere than it seems to be at Yale.

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