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Wednesday, Mar. 24, 2004 - 2:48 p.m.

The lazy blogger's Easy Way Out, aka Parts of emails between me and L today:

Me: [...] Now I am eating my lunch (boysenberry yogurt, banana, apple) and planning for my meeting with a student at 1:00.

L: I've never seen "boysenberry" not in a yogurt context. That's a fact (although perhaps not a very good one).

Me: Here, my dear, is why I love the internet: I have just learned that the boysenberry is actually an unholy Frankenfruit, the result of crossing a blackberry, a raspberry, and a loganberry. Rudolph Boysen was the evil scientist responsible, hence the bizarre nomenclature.

I hope this has brightened your day. This research was brought to you by the National Anything-But-The-Work-That's-Actually-Supposed-To-Be-Getting-Done Association.

L: So, what's a loganberry?

Me: You're a loganberry.

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