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Tuesday, May. 04, 2004 - 7:48 p.m.

I just finished working through my grade sheets -- I spend more time with a calculator at the end of each semester than I spent in all my life before I was a teacher. I calculated the grades, then grumbled over the ones I was displeased with: Mr. M should have gotten an A, not a B+, but if I round him up I'll have to round up Mr. J, too, who definitely doesn't deserve an A, you know.

Here is a sentence written by a student responding to a final exam prompt asking him to evaluate himself as an English student this semester: "Being in English 101 for two semesters now I have grown a great dill."

I am glad the horticultural components of my curriculum have been so helpful.

And now, we have an item of business. Russell has up and moved his writings over to BlueBackpack. You will of course want to read the entry in which he mentions me. Also, all those of us who are of age should tell Russell to fire down a bit with the imbibing lest somebody suspect he just turned 21.

Also, Russell rocks.

Oh, and please go read this story about Pat Tillman's funeral (ignoring the "challenge yourself" interparagraphs, because they are dumb). Funny: the injection-molded American Hero suddenly gains what counts for me as real heroism. He was a complex person with a challenging, honest family. But why do I need to have that proven to me? Shouldn't I assume that the media's portrayal of everybody is glossy and oversimplified? I don't know. It's important stuff, though, and it partially dismantles the cultural reaction that Brent has so eloquently described recently. (The related Metafilter thread is good, too.)

Aaaaand this is the best Buffy site ever.

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