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Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2004 - 11:39 p.m.

You know, I've written three entries in the past week, but they were all boring, so I didn't post any of them. Not that The Measure isn't occasionally tedious -- these were just extra-unspectacular. And they may get even worse from here, because...

...I have a job. Yes. I have been hired as a temporary technical editor for the biggest employer in the state, a lumbering behemoth of an organization that digests government contracts (and, incidentally, employs approximately 60% of Columbia's indie musicians). I do not yet know whether it will be a good or bad job, but I can be almost certain it will place me in the presence of rubberheads. But it pays exactly twice what I was making in academia. And it's a six-month contract, oddly enough. It all averages out just fine.

So, L has gone to bed and I am up researching my new employer on the internet, because I'm just that kind of nerd. This is not the pre-employment last hurrah I'd imagined. I'll try to do better this weekend.

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