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Tuesday, Aug. 03, 2004 - 9:46 p.m.

Oh, this here internet becomes a stranger so quickly. I have been moving, and I still am moving. I apparently even missed a dear friend who came through town last night. 'Mid credit card account weirdness and many boxes and eight hundred address changes I am a little overwhelmed, so it may be another week or so before I can post anything much. In the meantime, here is a memo I received at work today:

Below-calf pants will be allowed on Wednesdays only.

* Pants must be professional in style.

* Pants must be worn with XCorp allowable shoes.

* Fridays are Fridays. Wear regular XCorp clothes.

* If a Friday is a paid event jeans Friday, you can pay to wear below-calf pants.

* Be prepared to leave (unscheduled) to go home and change if asked.

* You are responsible for what you wear, not what your neighbor wears.

* If you question the length of your below-calf pants, do not wear them.

* If the rule is being broken, this privilege will be taken away from everyone immediately.

So...aren't ALL pants below-calf? Isn't that what pants ARE? I know what they mean, but isn't there a more precise way to define capris without using that word?

Both the women and the men had to sign a copy of this memo. Will there be male calf exhibition next Wednesday? I doubt it.

And it may not be entirely clear above that one actually has to PAY to wear jeans on Fridays. Casual Friday, yes, but only if you buy a sticker. It's for charity sometimes, but more often it's for the "winter social", a name that can only conjure up the very reasons I abandoned conventional schools after eighth grade.

I buy a sticker and then wear what I always wear: black and gray office clothing.

There is no moral tonight; I'm busy moving.

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