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Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2004 - 5:43 p.m.

Girl Chemicals Update
My eyes filled with tears not once but TWICE during my fifteen-minute drive home from work. The first episode was caused by a description of this poster, which is very cool, but not, on most days, cool enough to make me cry. The second episode was caused by was a recording of Harry Caray yelling ďThe Cardinals win the pennant! The Cardinals win the pennant!Ē He just sounded so happy.
I am a Red Sox fan. But sometimes the Red Panties beat the Red Sox.

Poll Manager Update
This guy seems to think that South Carolina, contrary to what I said in my last post, is not, in fact, fucked. Key quote: ďPoll worker training is more comprehensive here than in most other states, and the high numbers of experienced poll managers at the same polling places each election creates continuity and enhanced voter confidence.Ē
If the second part is true (that there are lots of experienced poll managers), thatís good, but given that the most confusing things about my training were the newest additions to electoral law (provisional ballots, mostly), Iím not sure itíll help. And if the first part is true (that my poll training was better than most), the whole country is doomed.
I wonder which prevents the most eligible voters from voting: actual fraud, or poll manager incompetence?

Update Update
Itís good to be back. Iíve been having a silent couple of months, still trying to figure out how to live with someone, how to work all day with other peopleís desks actually touching mine, and somehow maintain a brain of my own. Mostly I go for long walks, at least an hour every day. But Iím figuring it out.

Go read Isaac's new journal.

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