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Friday, Mar. 25, 2005 - 6:14 p.m.

Oh no! Brent put a question mark after my name. It's way down on the bottom right, but it makes me sad, because it's true: I have been extra-absent. But I am here, just not here here. And I am writing, but not here.

I just returned from Arizona, where I saw a whole bunch of family members, including Russell, who is now 21 years of age and grown up and awesome. I hiked, read, was all lovely, and I feel about eight million times happier than before I left. I feel relaxed and healthy, and the guilt that always presses in at the corners of my head has receded almost completely. And oh, my family is beautiful. I miss them again already.

Much has happened. It is spring. Kerry moved away. The woman whose dissertation I've helped edit for the past year and a half is now a doctor. I have a new side project -- a cover band. I still work at the same silly job, but I now have A Plan.

And I am writing. Something shifted, and though I check in on all of you online, I do not say anything back. But letters are in the works, and various not-immediately-public things involving words.

And finally, please go have a look at Chris' m(o)ustache project...and then check out the 'stache itself. Holy crap! That's a mustache! Brent?

Four days left to sponsor Chris's mustache! (That includes me, too, because I am slack.)


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