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Tuesday, Apr. 26, 2005 - 9:22 a.m.

I sometimes write entries at work but never get around to posting them. Here are two bits scraped from my hard drive.

About a week ago:
Everyone but me has gone away to lunch, so I am actually going to try to update at work.
There is much to be done here at work, but I keep getting distracted and surreptitiously poking at my flexed bicep through my shirt. Iím still obsessed with this rapid muscular response thing. I am also obsessed with this website.
My new favorite thing in the whole wide world is the deadlift. The company gym has no barbells, so I use dumbbells, and I am not yet tough, so I donít lift much weight, but oh my god the deadlift is fun. I have been using a sumo stance, which feels most normal.
When you stand up holding even a light weight there is a moment in which you feel both strong strong strong and like your whole body could just fall gently apart and dissolve on the floor.

About three days ago:
A coworker just found a bunch of files from on her computer from previous users of the computer Ė really bizarrely personal stuff, like copies of tax forms and emails to childrenís teachers. My favorite was a letter someone had written to her cell phone company about the roaming minutes she believed she had been wrongly charged for. The letter ended with the sentence "If not you might want to really think about the game you are playing before I beat your he haw."

So thereís your update. Thereís your update, Brent.

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