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Friday, Apr. 29, 2005 - 9:59 a.m.

I am in the throes of a sneak-up hangover. You know them: you wake up thinking "Okay, Iím a little tired and thirsty, but it certainly could be worse given that I drank six beers last night at band practice and no doubt burned off the chicken salad sandwich I ate for dinner within the first hour because we were rocking." And then you think "Was I really dreaming about the TV show 'Friends'? Gross."

You think you are fine. But after youíve been at work for about an hour your pleasant mild blurriness turns to full-on head fuzz, your neck stiffens, and suddenly you have a hangover.

The hangover realization occurs at 9:32, which is exactly two minutes after the breakfast vendor in the cafeteria has plunked lids over the steaming piles of egg and oatmeal that might have helped you recover. And so you are left with water, prunes, and chewing gum. Really. That is the extent of your desk-drawer pantry.

Mimi Smartypants linked to this cake a week or so ago, so you have probably already seen it. I am secretly in love with this recipe. Earlier this week I bought some Pork-n-Beans and placed them lovingly on Lís pillow, which was funny, but I think secretly I did not buy the Pork-n-Beans as a joke. I think I want to make this cake. In fact, I am certain I want to make this cake. I think I will even eat it when I do.

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