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Tuesday, Jul. 26, 2005 - 2:47 p.m.

Rub your eyes and look again -- that's right -- it's still here! An update! I exist.

Things are really quite good. Here is an overview in the form of a list:

  • I am starting library school in August.
  • I'm taking only one class the first semester, though, because my job is being made permanent and, if I am hired, I will keep working full time.
  • If my job becomes permanent, I will get to visit a dentist, an optometrist, and other such medical professionals. It's been many years.
  • I am in two bands now. One is the same old indie rock band, and the other is a new Pixies cover band.
  • So Hush Hush, the Pixies cover band, is all kinds of silly fun. I wouldn't have thought I'd enjoy such an obvious choice for a band to cover, but it's actually just about right: famous enough that lots of people come out to shows, but still with a certain amount of rock credibility.
  • Perfect Sleeper, the other band, is plugging along through a hot South Carolina summer. We actually have some shows coming up and are supposed to record some songs soon. We will see what becomes of us.

So, in other words, I am busy, and very soon I will be busier. Itís no excuse for not updating, I know. But it will get better: being back in school is sure to make me update more regularly. When Iím not in school I forget how to decide what I think about things.

Iíve actually been trying for a month now to finish a survey sent out my high school advisor. I want to complete it, but I have no idea how to answer questions like "On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your satisfaction with your life as an adult?" So I figured I'd start smaller by posting a Measure update. (Also, Liz asked so nicely.)

Iím very excited about library school, but I think that will be the topic of the next post. I am at work, and even though I am typing this text in 7 pt font under a 22 pt heading that says "Claim Filing Requirements," I am still feeling devious. But thereís more to come.

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