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Wednesday, Sept. 07, 2005 - 8:38 p.m.

I turned in my first library school assignment today. It was a silly little thing, but it's been so long that I was nervous. Class continues to be odd. It's a distance ed class, though I'm taking it on-site. This means the class takes place in a studio with hot overhead lights and a bunch of little computer monitors, and I can only see one sixth of my classmates -- the rest are in Maine and throughout the rural South. It makes discussion strange. This may be the only class in my life in which I have not yet said a word.

Work is sucking a great dill, mostly because I am writing some training material for a woman who does things like change my sentence "The EOB explains payments and denials" to "The payment details and, if applicable, any reason(s) for non-payment are explained on the EOB." She is brilliant, but she is enamored of bureaucratic language. I have been irresponsibly putting off this project for about a month, which just makes it much worse now. I dread going to work.

I played Monday with two local musicians I don't know very well but do like very much. They were nervous, and so was I, and honestly I played horribly. Really I played very little at all -- a few bass notes here and there when I could figure out what was going on. But they seemed happy. I like them, and I think I liked the songs. It might turn into a new project. That is all I can say right now...except that the drummer is a girl. I might actually finally play with another girl. Besdies Isaac's sister, I mean. She and I have a sort of theoretical band, I guess.

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