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Saturday, Nov. 13, 2004 - 12:11 p.m.

Bass! Me buy! H22!
The bass I’ve had since I first joined a band stopped working last week. No surprise there – it might as well be made of styrofoam, and while fun and easy to play, has never been a very serious instrument. I will get it fixed, but in the meantime I had an excuse to buy the bass I have lately gotten around to wanting very much. It will arrive this week.
My new bass is, however, missing its pickguard. Find me a batwing pickguard!

Perhaps you would like to read a rant about a font. Nothing is lovelier than insider passion.

I really want to see the Cheney penis picture. I am sorry, but I do. Please find it for me. If you live in Milwaukee, perhaps you can dig through your recycle bin.

So far your list of things to find for me includes a pickguard and a picture of Dick Cheney’s (fabric-protected) cock. Please add the following items:
3) Writerly motivation
4) A cure for hangovers
5) The magical hidden extra day that comes between Saturday and Sunday
6) Bunnies

AAAAAH. Strike Item #2 from your list.

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