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Sunday, Oct. 19, 2003 - 5:21 p.m.

Last night I dreamed I was deep frying irregularly-shaped pancakes. I also dreamed people were racing small animals along a trough spread out across the Stanford campus: bunnies, fish, and bugs all participated, though a small frog was the eventual winner.

Yesterday I fixed my food processor. Itís a cheap thing, and when it quit working last week I wasnít surprised Ė it had been letting off strange smells for months. Still, I pried it open and found the sources of the problem. The first was a mis-seated plastic gear. The second was a detached spring on the safety switch requiring the bowl to be locked in for the motor to run. I disabled the safety switch entirely; this may not be very smart, but it was thin and dinky, about to break altogether. And I repositioned the gear and greased it up, and now the thing runs perfectly. This is a small triumph, but it felt so good...itís good to uncover the mysteries of small appliances. Though if you hear Iíve lost half my fingers in a horrible kitchen accident, youíll know why.

Itís a perfect day and Iím inside grading papers. Allow me one big self-pitying sigh.

Two new names I found myself calling the cat today:
1. Buzzy Bear
2. Shorty

I need a Halloween costume. L and I have failed to find a good John Steed suit and hat for him, so my Emma Peel wouldnít be as satisfying. Last year I was something lame: a martial arts prom queen, I think (oh yeah! My clever name was Ninjarella!)Öand I want something more coherent this year. I was a flapper for about six years straight, and having finally given that dress away I have no fallback costume.

Well, aren't we thrilling today?!

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