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Monday, Sept. 13, 2004 - 12:26 a.m.

Because of my promise in the last entry and the consequent lovely guestbook responses (hooray!), I have a guest Violent Stick Figures comic over at Brent's blog (1, 2, 3, 4. (It's spread over four entries; there's a contiguous version here.)

How I know Brent: I moved to Columbia, SC having never visited the South and knowing not a single person in the whole state. I drove into town and checked into the Super 8 motel, and the next day I went to campus to look for roommate advertisements. I found Brent and Shawn's Roommate Wanted flyer posted outside the college union. I called them and, though they had to have a very brief consultation about living with a girl, moved in with them the next day. They took me to the undergraduate college bars and pizza parlors. I was Jaded Graduate Student Girl, and they were undergraduates, one a former frat boy and the other a former football player (If you know which one was Brent, you win the Friend of Dorks Don't Rock prize). The apartment was full of Busch Light and porn, hot dogs and Sports Illustrated. The grease dish under the George Foreman grill overflowed with hamburger sludge. Brent bought the Andrew WK album as soon as it came out. The stoners from upstairs took up residence on our couch and did not leave for the next three months. Shawn and I held meetings about Brent's sucky, sucky girlfriend, whispering in the kitchen as she drained the hot water tank with another hour-long shower. Brent loaned me Chuck Palahniuk novels. Shawn explained sports gambling. Brent and Shawn came to some of my shows, and I listened to some of their radio shows. I wish I'd listened to more.

It was wonderful. I just didn't get much studying done.

So, draw a guest comic in honor of roommates, okay?

Let's take a look at that bottom link bar. shall we? Russell no longer updates, the nerd. He's too fancy with his fancy newspaper job. Mr. FancyYoungerBrotherPants. And because Russell's so fancy, I no longer know what Isaac's doing. I think he is teaching kids in the Bronx, which is awesome and should be shared with the world via that handy, handy website he has available to him.

This is a challenge, men. I might have to form a special Gone But Not Forgotten section of the bottom bar, and you've been nominated for transfer. Why don't you come back to the internet?

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