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Tuesday, Sept. 07, 2004 - 7:57 p.m.

Even though I have been eating meat on occasion lately, I probably would have gone the rest of my life without eating a hot dog had it not been CLEVERLY DISGUISED AS AN APPETIZER at the Korean restaurant last week. Yes: I was served hot dogs sliced on the diagonal in a kim-chee-like garlic sauce. Make you strong.

Trato de explicar

I am in a strange headplace these days. For one thing, my interests have suddenly become awfully frivolous. I spend more time thinking about clothes than Iím really comfortable with. I bought one of those hairstyle magazines and have actually been reading the copy, not just glancing at pictures to figure out what haircut I want. This has led to me knowing such things as who Ashlee Simpson is. Iíve also been searching Ebay for winter shoes, and I wore heels to a show last night. Some self-defining line I established long ago has been crossed.

And Iím not thrilled with my job; itís too hard and real to ignore, but itís too petty and frustrating to throw myself into. I and my coworkers were hired to edit, but our revisions are forever being overruled by committee or by apathy. Every push we make toward consistency is met by new bureaucracy. Itís like Iím playing at being an editor, but sometimes the grownups come and take away my toys with no explanation.

So, what has happened to The Measure amid all this? I am not sure. I am not comfortable with my shoe-paying-attention-to self, so I am not sure who to throw up here for examination.

This always happens when I leave academia. Gradually I start to think less when Iím not paid to.


At work I have an electronic version of the American Heritage Dictionary. I have to use it often enough for actual work that, when I feel like slacking off, itís not an unreasonable thing to have up on my screen. So on especially hungover or useless days, I just read the wonderful, wonderful dictionary. I am forming quite a little file of New Favorite Words. Here are three:

Podagra: Gout, especially of the big toe.

Tegular: Relating to or resembling a tile.

Incalescent: Growing hotter or more ardent.

Use all three convincingly in a guestbook entry, and I promise I'll draw a Violent Stick Figures guest cartoon this week.

And with that, I leave you. Happy Birthday, Bettina! Happy Getting Married, Liz!

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