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Tuesday, Aug. 09, 2005 - 7:37 p.m.

Well, that was weird. I was just uploading some pictures to Diaryland here and noticed that all Gerard's paintings were missing -- gone from my image archives, with only the alt text showing on the pages. It made his entries pretty confusing. I've added them back in, but I can't imagine why they vanished. Perhaps someone considered Gerard's nudity immodest and complained to the Diaryland officials? When I speak to Gerard again, I'll have to tell him about this. I don't know whether he'll be amused or incensed -- you can never tell with that rabbit.

I spent a good twenty minutes after work today throwing a straw hat up in the air and trying to catch it on my head. Good times. This kind of good times.

I also went to the zoo today. There I saw a gorilla laying on his back with his legs spread and his ass pressed up against the viewing glass. He was scratching his ass, had a boner, and looked extremely pleased with himself.

I'm actually working on a longer entry, but I had to get something in here about the weird case of Gerard's disappearing work. My next entry will have no swear words or descriptions of gorilla genitalia. It will be rated G. You will see.

Until then, here is a picture of a chile. L grew it, but I was the one who recognized its star potential:

Mister Chile

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