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Thursday, Nov. 04, 2004 - 10:35 p.m.

To answer my (highly unoriginal) question at the end of my last post: What the fuck we do now is read some books, go for some long walks, and talk to some people. We stop obsessively reading all 380 comments of the Metafilter and Washington Monthly threads about What Went Wrong. When our boyfriend finally leaves the house for an evening, we cry good and hard, screaming insults at our homophobic dickwad fellow citizens and kicking at the stairs until the cat dashes under the sofa. And then we stop yelling. We cry a little, then, at finally being alone and pissed off like a whole person again, instead of half of a cereal-eating, Daily-Show-watching, 8-to-4-working, Miller-High-Life-drinking unit. Itís good. And then we stop crying, too. And we make some posole.

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